Wool Beret

In case one is looking for a prompt and interesting craft, a felt hat is the great one to process.

At first, cut a 24″x13″ rectangle from the piece of cloth. Take the 13” side as the top. Edges should be trimmed after fold the fabric in half. Please make sure to turn the softer and darker side out. Put a tape across the bottom of this piece of cloth. Cut an open every 0.75 inch. Three sides should be cut off. Fold two opposite edges towards each other, and then tie all cut-off fringes together. It should note that the softer and darker side should turn out. In order to make the top pom-pom, turn that part down.

Like the following photo, cut a strip of fabric from the cloth, tying the pom-pom with it.

There is also guidance about how to sew a wool hat. In winter, some people may need warm headgear to keep heads warm.


1 Measure the Wearer’s earlobe and circumference measurement. Two more inches should be added to the earlobe measurements to preserve more room. Add one more inch to measured head circumference.

2 Cut two rectangles according to above sizes.

3 Attach two narrower sides of each rectangle together.

4 Sew tubes together along a side. One seam facing inward and the other one facing outward. Hide raw sides and present the smooth side.

5 Flip the inside out and the just sewn seam would be taken as the edge of the material.

6 Top stitch away from the previous seam forms a casing.

7 Turn the remaining raw 05 inch to the inside and pin them.

8 Sew rolled edges together.

9 Inlaid a new shoelace trough makings.

10. Tie two ends of securely

Hat is a common headpiece in people’s daily life. At present, more and more people prefer to sew a fit and comfortable hat for themselves or their friends. One should select a pattern, style and material according specific purpose. Fashionable and unusual drawing cord form cute and lovable tie for your head.

Embellish with top stitching, fancy needlework, sequins, shapes made of fleece or felt, or fabric paints. The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing these!
These hats make great Christmas or winter birthday gifts. It is perfect for those who love skiing, snowboarding, or tubing.

But scissors are sharp and they could possible hurt fingers. So it should note that children should keep away from those tools. Considering special functions of wool, it is almost the best choice in winter to shield strong winds and roaring storms. But such a material could be dried in a short time. Edges could be frayed easily. Besides the advantage, there are many other comparative edges when compare it with other materials. Regular needles could be used in the process. In general, all brims or seams will be finished  with zigzag stitches. Choose the best material as much as possible. Thank you for visiting the website. One could also send E-mails to us and feedback some suggestions. We will respond you as soon as possible.

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