Beautiful Headpieces

Some website dedicated to headpieces exclusively. In addition to daily headgear, there are also many luxurious hats in selections. At present, I would like to recommend an online store Besides sound and exclusive consultation service, the website also works with customers to choose the most suitable hats for themselves. All hats are made by the  highest level of craftsmanship. Please do not hesitate and place your order. Some are decorated with chiffon, silk satin crown, feather spray, etc.

It is obvious that halo and headband trend atop others headpieces in this winter. There are a little more about the timeless shape and design. One could find the most angelic headpieces after making a full grasp of the latest trend. Such full-circle style hats could play the role of a frame, which could help one restructure the face with its brim. Different with a beret hat, a halo hat features various sizes, and its design goes from full-round circles to half styles, which finish  behind ears gradually.

In the late 1880s, halo hats came into fashion — a vintage trend. The popular trend proves that true style never disappear.  To a certain extent, previous trends will come back in one day. Certainly, people in different times will match respondent clothes and styles to meet their needs. Larger halo hats are suitable for full dresses; turbans are interesting and fashionable options.

Because of growing popularity of halos and turbans, a clutch of embellished headpieces and crowns have been worn in many occasions like the races. Inspired by attractive appeal of luxurious headpieces, jewelled adornments add striking characteristics and finishing touches to modern outfits.

From time to time, we will fall in love with fashionable accessories from houses and famous designers. It seems that large amount of cash has been worn at the same time. So I do not suggest one copy others’ design; I prefer to see effects of creativity.

In the event that you would like to try it, some suggestions on creating unique headpieces will be given in the following paragraphs. One could also buy a series of pre-cut and wired headpieces, which could make the creation easier for everyone.


1 Fundamental material — buckram or felt. Both could be purchased from online stores easily.

2 Wire and cutters

3 Embellishments: lace, leather and fabric.

4 Elastic inner hand — available to most people

5 Glue and glue gun

Step 1  Sketch Contour of a Crown or Halo Shape

Step 2  Sew edges with zigzaged stitches, which are helpful to increasing stability and allow you to shape it easily.

Step 3  Stuff the Foundation Material with Wadding

For the purpose of a smoother finish, one should cover the foundation material with wadding.

Step 4  Attach the innter band to the shape. No matter before or after the covering of foundation material, one could attach the inner band to the shape.

Step 5  Wrap Embellishments to the Inner Band

Various embellishments could be added to the semi-products, such as lace, beads, leather, feather, fabric or flowers.

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