French Things Not Invented by the French

When it refers to France, some typical French articles will occur to me, such as bread, beret, breakfast foods, etc. In fact, it turns out that those so-called French things have nothing to do with France, because they are not invented by the French people. Now I will unveil some secrets about those French things, so take off the French beret, also known as French hat, and put down the French toast. You would be shocked by following facts.

As is known to all, French kissing is French. But it’s just a name in the name of France. Experts come to a conclude that tongue kiss is not at all an exclusive tradition in France. In a famous book of the Kama Sutra, the kiss is first mentioned prior to the founding of France as a nation. It derives from at least the fifth century BC. For the sake of his intrusion into India, some owes the wide spread of the “French” kiss to Alexander. In addition, the awareness of French kiss has been added to his enormous empire. In reality, what’s now known as France was a part of then powerful Roman Empire. When such a concept came to Roman, it won the favourite of the Romans at that time.

In the 18th and 19th century, Americans visited the country and created the name of tongue kiss. In France, women were more affectionate than those in America, where religious folk believed that kissing was bedroom-only behaviour. In no time, American male travellers carry the word “tongue kiss” back upon getting such a name when visiting the country. Regardless of the intricate history, the kiss is connected to France truly.

Another lie is about French toast. The downright deception misleads people usually. In fact, agreeable and lovely French toast isn’t French at all. It’s said that the old recipe outlives than France. In the early fifth century, Ancient Romans took what we call French toast today as daily dishes. It’s said that the then Romans soaked bread in milk and fried it in butter or oil. It was extremely similar to the same way it’s still cooked today. According to historical records, some modern twists were sparkled by an innkeeper named Joseph French, who was lived in Albany, New York. In 1724, he tried to cook French toast for customers and such dishes caught on right away. Current French toasts in our daily life wasn’t named for the reason of country, but for Joseph French.

After talking about cuisines, let’s turn our sight to manicures. Fancy manicures have been around for over 5,000 years, during which wealthier people have been keeping manicures as a small part of fashion. Max Factor, a famous Hollywood cosmetician, created the words “French manicure” while he invented two new nail colours — creamy and pinkish shade. Both of them go well with unpainted nails. Another popular model is white-tipped only pattern, which formed substantial contrast with the remaining part of nails. Such white-tipped and rosy nails have won people’s favourite over the years since the 1970s.